Card for CEO of large international advertising agency.
 Featured in an exhibition on interpretations of the Ampersand, with work by illustrators, photographers and designers. And us.
 Your actual winkle bags.
 Some woody ampersands, punctuation and a printer's fist.
 Labels for DefJam. Expecting cease & desist letter from Russell Simmons.
 Canvas tote bag for Museum of East Anglian Life. Should have got the iron out before getting the camera out.
 Another one - looks better after you’ve run the iron over it.
 Here’s woodletter and pic inked up on the bed of the Museum’s  Queen press, manufactured by JR & A Ransome in Ipswich, 1820-46. They only produced twenty, ours is number nineteen.
 The Museum Printers only went and won an award - we beat Imperial War Museum (Duxford), Norwich Castle Museum and the Fitzwilliam. Go us.
 Trip to the Church of Type . . .
 . . . where Kevin Bradley (founder of Yee Haw Industries) prints stuff like this . . .
 . . . on a 15-foot flat bed proofing press he made himself. In your face, Farley.
 Trip to Ireland. Slainte.
 Sculptures by Gus Farnes, Snape.
 Get in touch . . .
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