Shameless self-promotion.
 Miss Austen's first draft before she saw sense (and sensibility)
 Philip Larkin decided to change the first line after visiting Hull
 Franz Kafka overcame his morbid fear of kittens but remained terrified of cockroaches
 FIRST DRAFTS - set of three bookmarks for the discerning reader
 Set of three bookmarks with quotations ruthlessly taken out of context
 Shakespeare at his bawdiest
 Baudelaire coined the term modernity - 'the fleeting, ephemeral experience of life in an urban metropolis.' Hence Get Drunk.
 Larkin again - probably on his first day as librarian at Hull University
 More Gill
 Set in Gill Sans - seemed appropriate
 Celebrating 50th anniversary of the Museum of East Anglian Life
 Aldeburgh-related for Reed Books. The owner, Liz, drew the sulky penguin.
 Commemorative bookmark for Sweffling Bygones Museum open day
 Work in progress - 72pt Gill Sans Bold Condensed
 More Gill - 24pt Sans Shadowed
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